We’re unique, and you have some questions.

How can we show you that we’re the best?

A: Because we’ve mastered our craft and we enjoy helping people and small business achieve their goals. It is our goal to earn your trust and provide as much value to your marketing needs as we can with still being able to turn the lights on in the morning!
A: We believe in earning your business each month, so while there is a short Terms of Service agreement, you may cancel at anytime.
A: We love business and have a passion for people. We’ll do a deep dive into your business, your main products and coordinate with you on HOW you would like your account to be handled. It is a part of deciding what your goals are. Some people want us to sell their product, others just want a place for new or existing customers to find them/review them online.
A: Not to worry! We can assist and create from scratch your social media pages. To set up all of these for you is a one time cost of $499.
A: You’ll have dedicated, expertly trained Content Manager that will be with you for the life of your account. One point of contact and one go to person for all your needs. He/She will coordinate with our operations to make your wish our command.
A: Absolutely because you own these. We’re also happy to do it for you, if you send us the content, picture or video, just e-mail it over to your account rep.
A: Write us an e-mail, and we’ll get right on it. Advance notice helps as we like to be in sync with our partners. If you have a Platinum Plan we’ll also help sell the widgets online during the sale promotion!
A: Absolutely! We’re experts in digital marketing, branding, PPC, CPA, ROI, Analytics and many other things. If you don’t know what some of those are, it is all the more reason to Contact Us.

We love business and we love helping people, so it is our goal to go above and beyond for our clients and have a PROFITABLE campaign.

Still have questions? Please contact us, and we’ll get back to you with lightning speed.


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